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3rd RHH

between the 1880-01-01 and the 1911-12-31,Troisième République

The 3rd Regiment of Horse Hunters of Abbeville.More details here....

A.-V. Benjamin

Young soldier

the 1918-09-06,world war one

A young soldier of the 134th Infantry Regiment of the class of 1917 or 1918 writes to his aunt....

A.-V. Benjamin

"A little soldier"

the 1940-03-09,world war two

“A little soldier from the 104 who will always remain faithful to you.”A woman poses with the un...

A.-V. Benjamin

Colonial troops

between the 1916-01-01 and the 1940-05-10,unknown

Maneuver in Donzère in Drôme.They must be soldiers from the colonial troops stationed in Montélim...

A.-V. Benjamin

Phoney war

between the 1939-09-03 and the 1940-05-10,world war two

Soldiers of the 334th Infantry Regiment during the “Phoney War”....

A.-V. Benjamin

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