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Hôtel Dieu

between the 1915-01-01 and the 1915-12-31,world war one

Decoration award and weapon pick-up for the new class?Behind, the Hôtel Dieu in Mâcon. During the ...

A.-V. Benjamin


between the 1918-01-01 and the 1918-12-31,world war one

A certain GARIN trumpets the 50th or 60th Artillery Regiment....

A.-V. Benjamin

"In the ruins"

between the 1917-06-01 and the 1917-06-30,world war one

"In the ruins of the church of Seppois-le-Haut.Commander De PONGENVILLE (right)Second Lieutenant MER...

A.-V. Benjamin


between the 1916-04-01 and the 1916-04-30,world war one

Machine gun shelters in the Bois Pointu ravine.This is a Saint-Etienne model 1907 machine gun....

A.-V. Benjamin

Auxiliary doctor

between the 1916-07-01 and the 1916-07-30,world war one

Private JOLY, auxiliary doctor in the 334th Infantry Regiment....

A.-V. Benjamin

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